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Our Bag Options

The paper bag, essential for wrapping and carrying in good conditions, is part of the long history at JF Walsh. Discover the different characteristics of our ranges of paper bags, all renewable , qualitative and recyclable .

Since 1948, we have been developing paper bags for shops and businesses (shopping bags with handles, SOS, flat bags, bags with gussets, etc.). We are today one of the leaders in the sector in Europe and offer a complete range of eco-designed products, without  compromising on usefulness and strength.

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Manufactured locally with short lead times & MOQs

Custom made bags

Our design department’s mission is to tailor-make products to meet your expectations and cost targets. We start with critical assessment of your need for paper bags, tubes and purpose-designed paper packaging. We then analyse critical characteristics before selecting the paper you need for bags to protect your products from their initial conditioning to storage and final delivery. For JF Walsh, bag format and design are key not just to your products’ protection, but to their differentiation in the market. Our business is promoting yours.


Paper production

JF Walsh when sourcing the raw material for paper, has historically pioneered environmental awareness. When selecting the paper to customise the bags that meet your needs, we begin with specially-selected timber supplied from the thinning of sustainably managed forests and plantations in Europe .


Paper bags are more than handy, light and environmentally-responsible forms of product protection. They are fundamentally important media that express your corporate values. Bags and packaging differentiate your products in the market. Advanced printing techniques confer on paper surfaces high-impact visuals combined with detailed and/or expressive text information, rich with the promotional messages.

Making up

After enhancing the paper's surface with premium text and/or visuals, we meticulously cut, assemble, and apply adhesive where needed to create a fully customized packaging article tailored to your exact requirements. Achieving perfection at every stage of bag production is paramount to ensuring the strength and functionality of our bagging solutions designed to fulfill increasingly precise purposes.

Paper bag manufacture

The paper bulk-delivered in reels to JF Walsh  goes through the critical stages of manufacture of a customized bag from cutting into sheets to printing, followed by folding, cutting and bag assembly. JF walsh's mastery of each stage ensures we deliver product to our customers that not only meets every performance specification, but cost and deadlines.


Twist Handle Bags 

   We are synonymous with excellence, reliability and quality in the production of automatic paper shopping bags.
Our Shopping Division produces paper shopping  bags for fashion,

cosmetics and retail.


You needs our Options 

We are synonymous of excellence, reliability and quality in the production of industrial paper packaging, medium and small paper bags: one or two plies, with or without handles or windows, printed reels. 

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Tell us your needs and we will design

Discover our paper packaging solutions and how your packaging could be sustainable. Our Research and Development team works to support you identifying new opportunities for a sustainable usage of paper in packaging ecodesign.

Our Paper Bags ! 

SOS bags, or block-bottom bags are paper bags that can stand on their own. Unlike the flat counter bags, these freestanding SOS bags have a bottom and hence have a depth measurement or “gusset”. 
SOS (which stands for “Self Opening Satchel”) or block-bottom bags as they are also called, are made from heavy grade, extra strong paper and are designed to be carried under the arm. All our paper bags are made locally in Co. Tipperary.

SOS Bag samples
Chemist Bags sample

​Designed with pharmacies in mind, these paper bags are made for use in pharmacies and drug stores. We can manufacture the full range of bag sizes for your pharmacy, to meet all of your paper bag needs!

Chemist Bags (Also called Counter bags or prescription pouches) are usually found lying flat in a stack on/ under a chemist’s counter, perfect for popping tablets or cough bottle into or for impulse buys at the counter.

Counter bags are bags which lie flat on a shop’s counter top. These paper bags have no handles and are popular with craft and gift shops, newsagents and coffee shops, as well as small bags for chips.

Counter Bag Samples
3D SOS Bags

SOS 3D view 

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